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--rklehvunm vbjt Sun Jan 18 05:34:26 2009
Feb11  First of all  Kudos to the indiblogger team. Great efroft and a really awesome site design Now, 2 things desperately here1. Contact Us page  You just point me to IndiBlogger blog page but where exactly should I post a suggestion/bug? Any random post in the blog !!? A dedicated contact page comes in handy here.2. Site Map  I know I've explored the whole content of a website from it's sitemap. I understand that IndiBlogger is not such a big website and there's probably nothing much to put in the SiteMap but it usually makes things clear for people like me.Another suggestion  Why dont you guys make this site more dynamic by showing recent posts from the blogs in your directory? Then, the users can sort out recent posts by tags and content. Although, you must be having thousands of blogs in your directory and publishing their recent contents could be hard to manage! What do you think ?
--Dustin Fri Apr 12 02:12:04 2013

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