XQ1BeH I envy you. The content and design of your blog is much better than mine. Who made a design for you?!...
--buy cheap oem software Sun Feb 12 01:28:59 2012
my iphone wokred great with my dension icelink.then i sold my ipod shortly after, the dension went into the head unit mode, which doesn't allow the iphone to control the dension, only the head unit can control the icelink, and via the iphone i don't get the dension menu does anyone know how to put the dension into the ipod/iphone mode that let's the ipod/iphone change music instead of head unit only???or do i have to borrow an ipod in order to get to the menu again???i hope dension updates the icelink ASAP in order to fully support the iphone !!!
--Diara Sun Aug 12 06:28:31 2012

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