Help, I've been ifnormed and I can't become ignorant.
--Kailan Fri Jan 6 10:01:29 2012
I tried the swimming lessnos at the SKHS pool and it was an absolutely horrible experience for my young kids  the water isn't heated. They hopped in and cried and wanted out  My son was shivering and his lips turned blue. What a terrible way for children to get used to the water. After that  I signed up my kids at Gig Harbor YMCA and my kids loved the swim lessnos from day 1  no other facility here in PO has comfortable swimming water that I am aware of. And  as a bonus! the YMCA has the kid watch program so my kids can play while I take the plunge into the deep water aerobics class which I really enjoy.
--Denis Sun Apr 14 11:25:55 2013

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