the artless dodger
The Artless Dodger & The Oil Addicts

Never have I been witness to a more awkward leader. Of course there is Richard Milhous Nixon (January 9, 1913 - April 22, 1994) who was the thirty-sixth (1953-1961) Vice President, and the thirty-seventh (1969-1974) President of the United States. But I was only six when he was pardoned by Ford. Even at that age I could tell there was something wrong with the man. I remember pointing at the TV and laughing while my mom sat petrified with empathy for American Soldiers and shock at the realization of just what kind of mind was sitting behind the President's Desk.

In an odd way I must thank George W. Bush for motivating me into politics. In high school to some degree but mainly in college I was really shocked at the level of apathy and ignorance shown by my fellow students and even my closest friends when it came to politics.

Yes Mr. Bush your slothic approach to your position has been the motivating factor behind me becoming political. I have already influenced hundreds if not thousands to do the same. And I am sure that you alone have motivated 911 times that number across the country to take notice of politics and act on the issues which your toxic regime tries to slither past the poor american workers as they sweat and toil for less and less every month, every week, every day.

So here is to our Artless Dodger & The Oil Addicts, your stain on our Nation's history will only worsen with time.

--subutane Wed Jun 2 03:27:37 2004

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