w lies
On my computer the words are in a white box with the llovey pic behind it.Anyway, I thought I was the only one who could hurt myself without getting out of my chair. My niece is a real live ballerina and no one can believe we are related.But my injuries have not been that gruesome or interesting. I have also broken my coccyx. Sprained both ankles multiple times. Put my tooth through my lip when I hit it on the rail of a swimming pool ladder.The most painful was one of the ankle sprains. I was waiting tables in a bar, which I do not recommend for clumsy people. It was supposed to be a nice bar, but a fight broke out, distracting me from the hazards of walking across a room. I did not see the two steps going down to a lower section. My foot and ankle went sideways. I did not get up for a few minutes and sort of forgot where I was. I was needless to say covered in booze. One of my nice regulars got up and helped me to the wall and had to use his cell phone to call my boss.I still remember the kids stepping over me to get to the dance floor.This whole experience greatly increased my motivation to get my degree. Now I get paid to stare at a computer and type a word now and then. But I was recently voted most likely to spill my coffee in my lap. Probably because I have done it like 14 times.```````````````````````````````````````````
--Hasan Mon Apr 23 19:38:11 2012

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