And to think I was going to talk to someone in peorsn about this.
--Vlora Fri Jul 29 03:16:21 2011
That kind of tihknnig shows you're on top of your game
--Mildred Thu Apr 4 07:15:12 2013
i,m the person u bowrored ur book 2 i'm enjoying ur book very much i never ask people 4 help i want 2 be more than i am for my kids and myself your book is giving me hope, courage and inspiration. i have not even finish reading the book, hoping there would be another. i 2 have thought of helping others that are less fortunate. i'm in an abusive relationship and i feel stuck in a pattern of abuse i'm trying 2 get out. i love ur book and told my friends 2 read it they'll love it. thanks vivian
--Tooru Fri Nov 22 21:52:19 2013

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