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Since moving back to California, my etnire life's focus has been the pursuit of my artistic vision. I have been writing prolifically, in the Kerouacian tradition, and Brautigan has been central in a string of coincidences that have all contributed to my confidence concerning the path that I am on and the certainty that it is the right one.I find myself on this page, making this comment because of yet another improbable string of hyperlinks. While researching my current Brautigan-centered book, I learned of the birth of the beats in SF, where my research is centered. A hyperlink with the name of the 6 Gallery was the only one that I clicked on, as it was contained in the sentence, The reading at the Six Gallery caused a literary sensation and introduced the idea of the Beat Generation to the world. That click brought me to the website, where I was taken aback by the fact that the Today in Literature section read as follows: On January 30: Jack Spicer  Shirley Hazzard  Richard Brautigan  Read more   Clicking on the link Read more  brought me to a page that said, On January 30th 1/30/1925: Jack Spicer born.Poet Jack Spicer is born in 1925.1/30/1931: Shirley Hazzard born.Australian/American novelist and short story writer Shirley Hazzard is born in 1931.1/30/1935: Richard Brautigan born.Washington-born tragic hippie-surrealist author Richard Brautigan is born in 1935. Clicking on Richard Brautigan's name brought forth yet another litkicks page, a very informative biography on the man, at the conclusion of which, two links. One I was familiar with, as The Abortion: An Historical Romance, 1966 had inspired it, and this one.Here I am, living the dream, pursuing the artistic adherance that Brautigan perpetuated, continuing to be amazed by the man, his influence, and the Romantic Possiblity of a Public Library in California.
--Prince Fri Apr 6 18:27:39 2012

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