low down dirty brow
sorry_e_e is the best poster on lowbrow.
learn to read.
--edina Tue Jun 1 14:36:23 2004
the previous comment is delusional
--sorry_e_e Mon Jan 24 19:52:04 2005
e.e. cummings is the fucking bomb.
--gaah Mon Sep 26 09:09:14 2005
sorry_e_e was awesome; I have no idea what other people are saying.

I hated the knee-jerk fat girl reactionary nature of redeyedfrenzy, though.
--asdf Fri Oct 17 17:33:26 2008
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--jmblswpi xaei Sun Jan 18 04:17:08 2009
sorry_e_e has an opera page! it's packed!
--sorrywhore Thu Apr 9 13:29:50 2009
"reactionary nature"

That's sweet.

Go fuck yourself. Sorry EE sucks.
--redeyedfrenzy Wed May 13 15:46:47 2009
I should also add that sorry ee was the name that Tjay used, and as Tjay is a douchebag, the douchiness of sorry ee is unavoidable.
--redeyedfrenzy Sun Jul 26 17:54:17 2009
Ahh, but I miss cheerleaderatyercrotch the very most. 
--Mel Thu Jan 28 16:28:35 2010
ok i heard that teejay took everyones money and ran. wtf happened?
--0111010101 Wed Feb 24 12:17:56 2010
sorry_e_e is not never has been tjay
douchiness shouldnt be attributed to him
its my own brand
everyones got their own opinion
--sorry_e_e Thu Jul 29 08:30:34 2010

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