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I haven’t seen a lot of Leela I’m afraid.Leela was from a very pitviirme civilisation, so she was ten kinds of ignorant about a lot of things, but Louise Jameson (who played her) and most of the writers were determined that shouldn't equate to stupid. Likewise, her respect for the Doctor was based on a critical judgment of his worth as a person; she wasn't blindly devoted. And she was one of the only companions to learn anything of the TARDIS controls.Any companions has to be written on a fine line, because the Doctor is going to be smarter and more knowledgeable than them about almost everything  and they're going to have to be asking a lot of questions for the viewers' benefit  so it's hard not to make them seem dumb. A bit like how in the original Sherlock Holmes stories, Dr Watson is an intelligent man, but in most adaptations he's made stupid. (Insert obligatory squeeing for David Burke's and Edward Hardwicke's performances opposite Jeremy Brett's Holmes).Watson is the one who's intelligent enough to understand the level Holmes is operating on, and he understands Holmes' way of working even if he hasn't honed the skill to apply it himself. That's what a companion has to be. Leela manages it IMO, and Ace does; Sarah Jane sometimes does. And I think Martha does in the new series.Frankly, if there’s anyone you need to cast a steely eye towards, it’s JNT, who explicitly stated he had Tegan written as an anti-feminist character.I didn't know that, but it reminds me of RTD's admission (well, admission is the wrong word, it was more like boasting) that he'd written Martha to be not as good as Rose.
--Didinhaccb Sat Apr 7 14:34:17 2012

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