subway lines are key. I moved to a bniowlg alley apt in the LES (subletted from a friend of a friend) and paid close to 2/3 of my paycheck on rent. It was a great opportunity and I loved my location. Then I moved to my (now) husband's apt in the East Village, which was a pain to get to via subway, but a fantastic neighborhood. Then we chose cheap, bigger apt, with a kitchen, and moved to West Harlem (119th and St Nicholas). While that area is a) affordable it's b) very long to get home and back, and we found that we really didn't go out. At all. And eventually kind of resented the move, even though our apt was wonderful. So our advice? Move somewhere you can afford, but don't try to scrimp or save on rent. My LES apt was very well located on a couple of lines (my husband and I both worked on wall street at an architecture firm. go figure) and our commute from harlem, while long, was a one shot deal. Very nice. We had the A,C, B, D at our hands, and that gets you pretty much anywhere. The UWS would be a better option than the UES, but I find both a little lacking.I think you could probably find something nice in park slope if you'd like, or even something just north of prospect park that starts to border into prospect heights. it's really mainly a question if you guys are in a position to get a broker  we didn't, and went through the management company to get our Harlem place, but I think, if you could swing one, that they'll get you a better deal in the long run.Good luck and hurrah! (I'm currently missing: jcrew, muji, all the new restaurants chronicled in the ny times) and wandering around nolita. and dean and deluca for browsing and chocolates. and sugar sweet sunshine bakery. oh delish.
--Nikoline Sun Jan 6 18:59:50 2013
The hotensy of your posting shines through
--Barbi Thu Apr 11 07:35:05 2013
Your aneswr was just what I needed. It's made my day!
--Bison Thu Apr 11 07:35:06 2013
That's a sensible answer to a challenging qseution
--Gerrilyn Thu Apr 11 07:35:06 2013

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