where no whiny teen has gone before
--BillGates Tue Nov 13 02:30:35 2007
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--kuper Wed Sep 17 16:37:38 2008
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--eftmzngk egwp Sun Jan 18 01:48:27 2009
--hMDeDsOzDfmUwagVTPR Tue Sep 15 05:30:27 2009
Both your comments are, I suggest, contradictory. ,
--John52 Thu Oct 22 13:19:19 2009
It could be that Afrigator is not the preferred blog listing for bloggers in these countries. ,
--Loy19 Thu Oct 22 13:19:47 2009
Girljaja loco joshe es muy feo de la ciduad de trujillo y mejor viva arequipa esta linda y la comida esta muy riquisima arequipeña viva arequipa carajo =)  
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