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--frnhsxl nbiaz Mon Jan 14 02:32:35 2008
Thanks for the comment. I agree with you when you cosinder the posts I've made on Google Plus. This website it going to become something a bit lengthier and more indepth: a resource for people to reference when they start their own aquaponic journey, although I need to make time to make it a priority over the other things I have going on right now.
--Chiara Mon Sep 16 04:42:46 2013
Brian,Wow, what a great tutorial. You know I've watsed a lot of time and money on info products that didn't come close to sharing all the details and tricks you've covered here. I'm just getting started with video and it can be very confusing getting the details straight i.e. picking a good channel name, organizing playlist. What your post showed me was I've got a lot of work to do. Thanks again!
--Elnur Thu Sep 19 04:01:46 2013

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