bored of the rings
i only got 27 mordor orcs with a large crsbosow, 28 harad men, at least 10 rohan warriors(had 24 before but were wrecked), 24 dwarf rangers and soon hopefully maybe 24 moria goblins with a cave troll and the fellowship of the rings, for books i got scouring of the shire
--Ivan Mon Jun 4 07:52:26 2012
Ha! I just noticed you're pnliyag on the same server I am. Cool. But, yeah, travel is a pain in the ass in LotRO for no good reason. The restrictions on travel for the higher level zones is frustrating, too. Getting up to Himbar just wears on me, and I have to do a lot of faction grinding before I can get the automated horse up there. Blah. And, I've bitched about the level 50 class quests enough for now, why is it still group based?As for guilds, I created my own small guild for my and my GF's alts so we could have a max level guild if our friends decided we wanted our own guild. I think EQ2 s guild system is much better since it allows people to level up the guild by earning points. Perhaps a blend of both worlds where you slowly get points over time so that even a small guild can gain some ability over the long haul? That'd be interesting.
--Tim Sat Jul 7 01:03:01 2012

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