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I am so interested in the gorey detlais being an EMT and all but I can't read your blog. =( The typed words go against the beautiful tree pic and they just blend right in. Is it my computer only? I want to read it! =) Not sure if these injuries are old or new (cuz I can't read it) but I hope you are ok!!!
--Dharmendra Mon Apr 23 23:14:41 2012
Yesterday, I watched Nova's piece on the memoiral. Today, I watched ACLJ's movie Forever Changed. I was. I've been reading memoirals and memories from FB. In fact, I've collected a few links to post on my blog, starting tomorrow, for the next four days, including writing out my own memories of the event. It's still as vivid as if it happened last week. Up to that point, I'd lived a lot of my life on the surface, where it was safer. I never watched the news because I'd been punished, repeatedly, for interrupting my mother's news watching. I didn't want to be like her. How odd it was to me, at the time, that I was the one who had the television on all the time, watching what happened. Needing to know as much as possible. Needing to feel connected to the rest of the world. I changed. It was only a few short months later that I saw Fellowship of the Ring , which was incredibly intense and opened a whole universe of emotions, coming out of shock, I suppose. I changed.
--Krizza Sat Jul 7 16:38:09 2012

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