art attack
My favorite tatack art is probably the most obvious form- punk rock. But whatever happened to that stuff? Not the sound, but the aesthetic- the idea of do-it-yourself, kick-'em-in-the-face, I-hate-your-world ANGER? Isn't that supposed to be the stock-in-trade of the young folks?When I survey the indie music world ('cause forget about anything that actually gets airplay; finding anything real in major media musicville is about as common as a solid stock option these days- and don't even talk to me about the sadly cannibalistic world of hip-hop), I hear loads and loads of excellent sounds; sounds quirky and serene, sounds new and newly reinagined, sounds cute and clever and gorgeous and flowing and EVERY DAMN THING BUT PISSED OFF. WHAT?!? These kids are being lied to every bit as heartily as LBJ bullshitted the hippies (cf. Hubris , Isikoff and Corn; The War Within , Woodward; more) at the same time as they're more easily privy to clear information regarding exactly what the lies are and who's telling them, and THIS is their response? To be, well, kinda odd?Do they not know what's happening? Do they not care? Are they simply too distracted by the always-available media/entertainment options? Are they so concerned with being cool and hip that they're scared to ROCK? Are they so soft that they don't WANNA rock?And in the background I hear Joe Strummer singing for fucking Toyota
--Siti Wed Mar 14 10:31:49 2012
美!以前我去过的是Paihia,也是非常的宁静和美丽。 says:哈哈~山人現在正在威靈頓找房,威靈頓真的很good也遇到許多nice people!謝謝網主的推薦!!!! Reply:June 26th, 2009 at 7:44 pdbebmie, ask you hubby loh!I believe he can always accommodate you request one!
--Viviane Fri Mar 16 23:55:15 2012

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