optical delusion
That's really tihinkng out of the box. Thanks!
--Chris Tue Jan 3 04:00:50 2012
KewljimOne human being can have a great influence agtuohlh most of us limit ourselves (unconsciously perhaps but still we do). Think of those who have affected so many. Not all of them are self-made billionaires (such as Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet or Bill Gates) as I think of the humble nun, Mother Theresa. If we EACH do our part, the total impact will be enormous.GET INVOLVED. Reach outside of yourself. Support causes for good (it doesn't have to be LGBT but that is of importance to most of us). Be a mentor or Big Brother / Big Sister. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Just spend a little of your time (there are roughly 730 hours each month) helping others.Thank you Davey for doing what you are doing as you are our leader, marshaling us into a larger force for good.HUGS to all of you, my friends.
--Issah Tue Apr 24 09:49:16 2012

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