when i hold you in (all of) my arms
I totally unserdtand why some people want to keep DoFollow in place  there's a few reasons why it's simply not worth it for me personally:I get 1-3 of these sneaky comments every day  they ARE hard to spot. This means that I have to scrutinize EVERY new commenter that comes to the blog daily, which means I have to poke around on 15+ sites every day  half of which are still questionable but I give them the benefit of the doubt  I probably spend between 10 and 20 minutes a day moderating these comments, which adds up to 1-2 hours a week.In my mind, if I am giving THAT much time to comment moderation, the spammers have won something more precious than link juice  they have won my time, which is irreplaceable and something I am quite frankly not willing to give them anymore.There's other reasons  like the danger of them getting a link then throwing a redirect onto the link a few weeks later  which has also happened to a friend of mine. I just think we can find better ways to reward commenters that don't risk our businesses and livelihood. Thank YOU for the link love, though, Chris!
--Tezirey Tue Mar 13 22:55:21 2012

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