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Created the greatest artciles, you have.
--Carlinda Fri Jul 29 13:07:13 2011
Thanks for selecting and postnig this verse Janelle.As I've been working on my own podcast this week, I've been asking myself what is it that I really want to accomplish with each episode? Based on this verse, I believe that my primary focus should be to deliver the very best content I can and build both a reputation and good name for myself as a speaker of God's financial truths. Although I do hope to generate a little income from the site in the future, my efforts to monetize should be secondary!I'm thoroughly enjoying listening to your podcast! You and Matt are a great on-air' tag team.Take care & thanks again.Glen SteinsonClinton, Ontario, Canada
--Graeme Fri Jul 13 17:37:25 2012

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