one mother of invention
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--fgml cpetqovb Sun Jan 18 04:21:45 2009
Hi JanBeing a veggie is not easy as most like me will agree. When etaing out it is difficult to find a suitable meal. Has the vegetable soup got meat stock? Have the roast potatoes been cooked in animal fat? Then there is always someone asks why you have no meat.It can be quite embarrassing although vegetarianism seems to be accepted now much more so than a few years back I an almost eighty two and to my knowledge have never eaten anything with eyes, potatoes being the exception.So Jan I am so glad that you have opened this wonderful venue where the food is brilliant, the staff friendly and efficient and one can dine in comfort and with confidence with other like minded people..For all this I thank you and look forward to seeing you later this monthI only wish you were nearer to home.BryanP.S. Thanks for advising me as to which dishes are mushroom free
--Monia Mon Apr 23 21:37:55 2012
Oh I just love it when people get teaggd  I can read about them  It's always so great to just read what people like  dislike. I'm with you on the whole changing thing with your house. I do the same thing drives my hubby crazy cause I'm always changing up the colors  stuff in our house haha!!!
--Prep Thu Apr 11 19:07:52 2013

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