congressional medal of deadly ninja throwing star
You saved me a lot of halsse just now.
--Lawanda Fri Dec 9 23:51:47 2011
Exteremly helpful article, please write more.
--Rosy Tue Apr 24 22:26:39 2012
Our hearts go out to your falimy and the tremendous loss you have had to face. Shirley, you and Eddie have been two of our very favorite people. I used to joke around about you adopting me, but really would have been honored no joke. Eddie touched our lives more than he ever knew, and he will continue to inspire me in children's ministry. I remember when he brought his clown ministry to our church. Such good memories. I still have all the pictures of that day. I will treasure them. He certainly left a legacy, and it's a good one. God bless and comfort you all.Sincerely, Linda Mercer
--Rosi Mon Sep 16 23:39:03 2013
Hi TJ  Mom O here I love the photos of Erin, Tara and Evan. They loekod so natural with Milwaukee as the back drop. It was the best Christmas gift a mom could get, I will treasure them always. You did a wonderful job. Diana Oberg
--Malissa Thu Sep 19 04:56:53 2013

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