glob is for hutts, not humans
Noithng I could say would give you undue credit for this story.
--Gwenelda Tue Oct 18 12:30:38 2011
These were SO delicious! I can't belivee there is NO added sugar! The wheat germ and flax seeds (didn't have any chia seeds, so I just doubled the flax) and carrots added such a great texture. I didn't have skim milk so I substituted organic vanilla soy milk, and it turned out lovely  I even left the regular vanilla measurement at 1t. I love raisins, so I put in 1 generous cup of raisins as opposed to 3/4 c. The banana flavor was barely there (which I thought was perfect for these muffins). Next time I am going to put in chopped walnuts. I'm also going to try it once with fresh blueberries. These definitely look and taste healthy  but they are absolutely delicious at the same time! They don't burn your throat from loads of sugar and send you into a carb coma like regular muffins. Thank you for feeding my obsessions of healthy foods and baked goods simultaneously!!
--Mansour Fri Jan 11 23:22:16 2013
Hey, that's a clever way of tnhiking about it.
--Marlee Fri Apr 12 03:43:50 2013
We really need to get some Chobani over here. I want to try it so badly.Umm . . . and I have no fnedris at school either. I'm being far more social with people this semester than last, but I mean really, I'm there to learn  not meet people. I don't care if that makes me sound like an awful person.
--Bobur Sun Apr 14 21:08:55 2013

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