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or is it an independent eocleftirn?It was intended to reference a prior issue. It's of no consequence anymore.Qualia manifest strategies e28094As in e2809cshows strategiese2809d?Yeah, or display.to rephrase Sartree28099s way of looking at the issue. Qualia are to a script as thinking is to a directore28099s choice between scripts.Lete28099s see: thinking is the means by which a director chooses a script, so qualia is the means by which a scripte280a6(The analogy seems incomplete.)Qualia are different forms of expressions, like themes. (Critical) thinking is  relative to Qualia  to compare and contrast the different themes without being absorbed into one of them. Communicative action, for instance, takes place in a Space pre-Qualia. But it still expresses itself, albeit through pure reason. I think this represents interaction'  the formal concept you mention. All Qualia is grounded in interaction' (logic). Here, one can see the sense of there's no escaping endoxa' (). A concept Ms. Rand bungled. To the analogy: the themes are represented in scripts (language-games) and critical thinking is to see the interrelationship between games, like a film director will instruct an actor to posture in a different way because the previous posture is an instrument in an irrelevant language-game. I done28099t recognize this idea of e2809cthe physical as some kind of basic elemente2809d as representing my view. Can you explain what you mean?You say there's too much of the thinking process that we know to be a physical activity [...]  How can a physical activity not take place between physical elements?
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