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  Thanks for the tips, as I have just setrtad up my blog I’m trying to absorb information everywhere.I strongly believe in point number 8 Cheers
--Leandro Sat Feb 11 09:55:52 2012
   When my $100 cffoee maker quit, I researched cffoee makers and found this model from DeLonghi I hadn't heard of before. The design of this model sets a new standard for on-the-counter cffoee makers. It is incredible to be able to put the filter, cffoee, AND WATER in the maker without moving the machine. The caraffe doesn't drip when pouring into the swing out arm (or into the cup later) so there's no messy drips to wipe up at any time.  The digital clock isn't the quickest to set since you have to hold a button in as it changes in minutes only, but hopefully that won't need set often. The aroma button really works! There actually is a difference in the brewing aroma with it on. Most importantly, the end product was a great cup of cffoee! I'm thrilled with the cffoee maker and haven't found a single negative aspect yet, including the price. I HIGHLY recommend this model. Kudos Delonghi, you really outdid yourself here. Amazon's shipping was simple and fast. The whole purchasing experience was exceptional. A+++++ 
--Carrie Mon Feb 13 14:30:57 2012

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