hungry like the wolf
CtnmG6 Hooray! the one who wrote is a cool guy..!
--oem software Sun Feb 12 01:50:27 2012
Hello! (working with 20-11-Theme)I tried 2 add a logo in front of my site title: many Ways gone  none worked!I tried yours too!The best I could maagne, was a placeholder 4 my logo pic, but no logo shown!in the 1st place i wanted the logo pic first end next to it (on its right side) the site i just wanna place the logo in the header, with no more headache! Could u help me?? PS: My sidebar doesn't appear either!I haven't changed there anything in the theme!Do I have to activate it anyhow? Do you know that?
--Meve Thu Apr 11 20:45:11 2013

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