abhor thy mother and father
First of all, everyone shloud stop referring to marijuana as a drug . It is not. Just because the powers that be say it is, doesn't make it so. They can call the sun the moon, and vice versa, but that won't make it true. Marijuana/cannabis is an herb, a member of the mint family, along with peppermint, spearmint and catnip. So why aren't mint teas illegal? Why is it legal for me to drink mint teas and grow catnip for my cat, but I can't grow cannabis for myself? People who have fallen for the idea that cannabis is a drug have been duped by government propaganda. Boomers don't refer to cannabis as herb for shits and giggles. They refer to it that way because that's what it is.On the other hand, tobacco is a member of the poison sumac family, along with poison oak, poison ivy and naturally, poison sumac.Ask yourself, which one shloud be illegal?Not one death has ever been attributed to cannabis. Studies have shown that it kills cancer cells. The government didn't like that report, and made the people who did the study change it. Cannabis also reduces inflammation in the body. It has many other health benefits, but the powers that be continue to hide that information. Wouldn't want to put the poison pharmaceutical companies out of business.If people were allowed to cultivate their own cannabis, there would be no drug cartels growing in our national forests, or bringing it across the borders. They would be out of work and people could enjoy the forests again without fear of running into an illegal grow operation and getting killed.People who use cannabis don't rob anyone when they run out. They might call a friend, but they don't rob stores or the pizza guy or little old ladies to get it. People on meth, crack and other real drugs will rob their own granny to get more. People who use cannabis can still work and contribute to society. You would be surprised to know how many normal people use it. You see them every day, but they don't stand out because they can indulge and still function, unlike real drug users. They are doctors, lawyers, police (yeah, for real-I know for a fact-worked for 2 different police depts.), soccer moms and government employees, including politicians in Washington. The older generation was subjected to government propaganda like Reefer Madness and fell for it because they were naive and trusted the government. There are too many thousands of people in prison for marijuana use, including US veterans. Why? Because the police are too lazy to bust real criminals murderers, rapists, pedophiles and the like. It's easy to bust a kid with a joint, a lot harder to bust a real criminal. They still get credit for a bust and they don't give a flying f*** that they are ruining a life.All people who are in prison for cannabis use shloud be considered political prisoners and released immediately. Gotta go, the DEA is at the door.Highly rated. What do you think? 16 3
--Ebongi Tue Mar 5 02:35:55 2013

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