grindstone and bear it
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--ijgl rivzb Sun Jan 18 03:10:24 2009
LOVE this post, Nathalie! In total agreement with you. I think the reoasn we end up ignoring the ease -y things (I like the word ease so much better than easy ) is because they ARE so easy to us. We assume anyone can do them. And it took me a lot of paying attention and noticing and noticing what people complimented me on and what other people thought was astounding (which, of course, were things that I didn't think were astounding at all) before I figured it out. That's one of the reoasns I've been retooling everything about my business for the last month or two (it all goes live tomorrow, eep!). So, the things that come easy to me are seeing the possibilities of an idea or project and the steps from beginning through to completion for an idea, seeing where someone is wasting time or space or energy, seeing patterns that others miss. These are the gifts that I'm basing my new business around, since they're what comes so easily to me that I thought everyone could do them!
--John Mon Sep 16 18:48:04 2013
u95PYq wow, awesome blog post.
--top seo guys Fri Oct 25 11:52:17 2013

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