obsessive? compulsive? moi?
Hi Rachael,As long as you are adding your peoransl story then the post is probably going to be interesting. That is really what people are interested in I think.One thing that I do when I am writing is to just imagine that I am having a conversation with one other person. I picture them sitting in the room with me. Then I just write what I would say if they were sitting there. I think that helps to inspire you to write and therefore makes the whole process much easier.I also find that my articles are better if I write them ahead of time and let them ferment for a while in a special folder for new content. Then before I go to publish them, I read each one again. Some end up in the garbage. Some get tweaked ever so slightly. I find the quality is better after a second read with a fresh mind having not thought about the topic of the article for at least a week. It is easy to spot obvious mistakes that way when you otherwise may have overlooked them.Ted recently posted..
--Bonnie Thu Apr 11 19:16:02 2013

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