back from florida
Billie, Iam so proud of you, I was so excited when I leokod you up and found your blog, I thought your Easter Chicken poem was Great!!! I was going to call you but it was to late. I will call you in the afternoon tomarrow take care. Aloha Carin
--fitri Sat Jul 7 16:21:44 2012
What a wonderful story  I won a trip to Hawaii when I was in hhicsghool and it is still my most favorite place on earth!! I want to take my husband there one day (it's on my wish list). We love the beach, the ocean, the sand, the sun, the salty breeze. Heaven will have beaches I am so sure P.S. I just scrolled through and saw some of your pictures and they are amazing!! Just breathtaking!
--Mateo Thu Apr 11 17:23:52 2013

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