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When I bought this koeaybrd, I knew I was getting a generic Apple knock-off, that wasn't as high-quality as a genuine Apple product. It was also a lot cheaper.And that's just what I needed. I specifically bought this koeaybrd so I could type on my iPhone while I'm in the car. I needed one that was just the bare basics  as small as it could be while still standard-spaced keys. I also didn't want to pay too much, since I'd only use it every so often when we go on road-trips. I have a Rocketfish Bluetooth koeaybrd which I do most of my heavy-duty typing on, though it's a bit of a beast as far as size goes, so having something this portable is awesome.Pros: Slim, Sleek design  exactly as pictured, nice and concise. Quiet keys indeed  almost exactly like my ASUS laptop keys. Quiet and smooth. Long battery life  haven't tested it yet, but the seller reports 3 months continuous use. Relatively solid construction  it doesn't feel flimsy, at all. Definitely not aluminum, but it's not like I'm going to be storing my jewelry in it or riding it down the street. Price  Half as much -shipped- as the Apple koeaybrd's -list price-. Functional Hot Keys!  They definitely work! Though, I can't quite figure out what the flower is supposed to do So perhaps that one doesn't work  it just makes the screen go black.Cons: All plastic  Unlike the Apple koeaybrd, there's no anodized aluminum frame here. Unfunctional Hot key?  the aforementioned flower maybe it's an iPad thing. Connect button  It's a bit hard to press, and if I didn't have long nails, I think I'd have to get something to push it with. Bit slow  There is a slight delay between waking' the koeaybrd and it typing again, and it seems to go to sleep after not too long. However, this may be an iPhone software sort of thing, rather than specific to the koeaybrd.Overall:It's always important to do your research. Are you getting an Apple-quality koeaybrd for $30? No. But, you are getting a tidy little koeaybrd, that looks very sleek, types very smooth, and didn't break the bank. As long as you don't go dropping it, the plastic construction isn't going to be a problem. And hey, if you do? You can probably get another one, and still come out cheaper than the Apple. X) We'll see how long the silver paint lasts, though On the flip side, if you're going for longevity, power use, dedicated desktop koeaybrd, etc it's probably best to make the investment.Hopefully, this helped you be a little more informed so, like me, you can find exactly what you were looking for. X) <3
--Ellen Sat Apr 6 10:06:52 2013

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