new yorkers do not wear white
mc3gx9 hi! nice site!
--zibex Wed Jan 21 23:09:09 2009
--LOgXgawAIazswXhOs Fri Jan 23 18:07:40 2009
--HLVLIjpFknfdZUQcLj Fri Feb 6 06:20:50 2009
--VEmbzrAC Fri Feb 6 16:03:03 2009
That's not just the best aneswr. It's the bestest answer!
--Emmy Sat Apr 23 09:47:34 2011
We're glad you found the Tuggles' Folly website, and feel cemlpimentod that someone would bookmark us for a return visit. Give us a call for a relaxing weekend sometime. The weather is starting to get nicer  actual sunshine as I type! And we treat guests like family around here, maybe even better. It will eventually get warm enough to open the pool, and then life is wonderful! Floating on that pool with only the stars above is the ultimate form of relaxation. Give us a call for a reservation soon.
--Kara Sun Jan 6 15:38:53 2013

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