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--nsztxegfi zbjnpcg Sun Jan 18 05:35:50 2009
A friend of mine had to have plisatc surgery after the removal of a messy mole (use your imagination) on one of her hands. They took a skin graft from one of her hips. That was two years ago and the surgery is still obvious even though it has healed. She HAD to have it done. Considering what she's been through, I would not encourage your friend to go through this unless it's critical. She's probably self-conscious about it and it bothers her much more than anyone else. She's been through the pain and agony of healing those areas once. She doesn't need to go through it again. I don't know about the dollar cost because that's covered by our provincial health plan but the emotional and physical costs come with a very high price tag. and it's really kind and considerate of you to be so supportive.
--Khaled Tue Apr 24 07:34:53 2012

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