snowtime at the apollo
Business plans are VERY important. You deilifteny have to put a lot of thought and time in constructing one. Put yourself in the lender's situation  if some random guy came up to you with no clear plan, why on earth would you give him $20k? If you are sure that you'll make a or are already making a profit, spell it out for them. Show them how you've flourished and how you expect to grow in the future with this money. Obviously you don't have to know every specific detail going into the distant future, since no one can predict what will happen with your business, but at least develop likely scenarios so you'll be prepared for anything.Good luck!
--Ekho Thu Apr 4 10:06:40 2013
Complex forecast for the next week. Baroclinic zone just south of the intl boredr, will sharpen up and waffle north and south thru the weekend. Front pushes north tonite with weak LLJ of 30 kts, but deeper moisture will still be off to our south. There may be a few mid-level clouds (especially thru the interlake) before they lift out. Eventually, moisture and clouds coming up from a cut-off low over the central plains will have a tendency to back in from the southeast. At the same time, a disturbance in the SW flow will try to push drier air (especially above 850 hPa) east and shove the moisture and clouds into Ontario and Minnesota. Given the tug of war between the two systems, cloud trends (especially low clouds at 925 hPa and below) will be hard to pin-point for Friday. The exact frontal position and timing of its passage also adds uncertainty, as area of sharp temperature gradient starts slumping south late in the day. Cold advection at the surface continues thru the day Saturday, but by overnite into Sunday morning, warm advection aloft and weak LLJ may give us a shot at some elevated showers. Blocking pattern then begins breaking down as cut-off low is forecast to slide east. That allows upper ridge to build over the western plains and re-inforces cool surface high pressure down into S Manitoba. High pressure quickly shifts east and sets the stage for moisture return - ahead of what could be a potent low pressure system tracking NE up thru N Dakota and Minnesota. We may be affected by the deformation zone and/or trowal wrapping around the system. Enough cold air looks to work in for a change over to slushy snow on the backside.. Daniel
--Sky Thu Sep 19 08:41:35 2013

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