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rMlQXO Thanks for the post. Want more.
--Microsoft OEM Software Thu Mar 8 06:20:40 2012
I could read a book about this without finding such real-world apporcahes!
--Kerryn Thu Apr 4 06:51:24 2013
Fun with stats. Good times. A couple thgnis come to mind when reading this:1. Defense wins championships  true, but more valid in sports like football, basketball and baseball where the emphasis can be placed on overall team defense. I don't think this plays a large a factor in playoff hockey, where lousy team defense can be mitigated with a hot goalie, and stout team defense can be off-set by a lousy goalie. Examples last playoffs would be Philly (good team D and so-so goaltending) and Montreal (good goaltending and so-so team defense), both doing well for different defensive reasons.2. Do these numbers change when separated out for regular season vs. playoff hockey? Regular season = watered down talent, where you are likely to see higer goal differential and different nunbers all around due to those fun 8-1 thumpings of the Islanders in November. Don't see too many blowouts in the playoffs, so wouldn't the value of the other categories play a larger role?3. SOG and Save Percentage  How do these numbers look for game-winning teams in the playoffs? Instead of looking at just goal-related categories, I'd venture that there might be a correlation between the # of shots a team lets up vs. win percentage. The Bruins are going on the philosophy that it's ok to give up a lot of shots as long as they are not quality. Will this stratgy work? Doesn't seem likely to me shot leaders in the NHL are also goal leaders. Guys like Sedin, Malkin, Ovechkin, Crosby, Nash, Stamkos all lead the NHL in shots taken, and most (except Ovie) lead in % of shots resulting in goals all hovering around 20-22%. Contrast this to someone like Chara, who scores on 3.5% of his shots taken.Anyway fun article. LOVE to debate stuff like this. Much more enjoyable than Julien is going to ruin Seguin and other nonsense.
--Abdessalam Sat Apr 6 05:42:36 2013

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