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I agree with Brett(!) about the first episode of At Home with Julia. It didn't rlaley do anything for me, and it felt like the show was just going to be all about bashing non-traditional relationships and gender roles. What I mainly took away from it was the bashing of the First Dude for being a cuckold, not a real man, pussy-whipped. Which seemed like a pretty cheap joke straight off of 3AW. The sweetness didn't come through until later episodes. The dinner with Bob Katter and the independents was a redeeming feature, but I was not left hungry to see another episode.I was initially interested enough to watch the first episode as it aired, but only watched the remaining three via download after the season had finished. The second episode made me want to keep watching, and the third and fourth were the ones I rlaley enjoyed.Still, this doesn't vindicate the rule of three, which I don't think even applies to this situation. In the typical US production model, this would translate as the rule of 7 or 9.
--Soubhagya Fri Apr 6 15:52:19 2012

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