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--xpnvht xwqsiyjmf Sun Jan 18 02:29:12 2009
kheVbw Are you interested in webmaster`s income?!....
--oem software Sat Feb 11 14:03:14 2012
oeddiN Really informative article. Want more.
--Adobe OEM Software Thu Mar 8 01:14:41 2012
Thanks for the read. But the comment FPP is the most enspxeive way to buy microsoft software is not true. At least from my research. We operate a small business of 11 workstations. I am investigating upgrading all our computers to windows 7 x64 and office 2010 when it becomes available. Currently we are all over the place  To do this via Microsoft's direct download option, it is basically 50% of the cost of a volume license with software assurance for 3 years, or 75% of the cost of a volume license without SA. Plus I have absolute flexibility as to when I can reallocate this licenses through the office. This isn't even taking into account that for new PC's we'd further need to factor in purchasing OEM software initially anyway. Volume licensing is a wrought for any company with less than 500 workstations Microsoft should take a look at how Autodesk does their licensing. Makes a lot more sense
--Michael Wed Mar 14 05:06:55 2012
OEM has little to no opruspt, can only be used with one computer, and costs less.Retail has full opruspt, can be used with more than one computer, but costs a lot more.i personally go with retail, just because if you are upgrading your computer then windows has a chance of thinking you have a different computer when something new is installed.oem is good for single builds. that is why it is included with most brand name computers like Dell, Gateway, HP, etc. pre-installed.
--Julio Fri Apr 6 19:21:39 2012

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