Comments on blurbs seems unlikely. But the place where you stuck the comments tab really underlines how long it has been since there was
a style change around this place. 

What about having guest layout designers? All the same components, just arranged and decorated by somebody else (Diesel Sweeties, Mo, etc)

--peterman Fri Feb 7 14:03:20 2003
Kirk ... send your postal address to and I'll send you a book of mine (hot off the presses!) you might enjoy.
--DocM Fri Feb 7 23:49:51 2003
:) Do I ever enjoy seeing the brains and juices working. I felt you'd like this site, Doc. See some of the other sites Kirk has built. Always some daily treats ..... Cessie
--Rennie/Cessie Sat Feb 8 22:04:01 2003

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