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The reaction on both left and right was pdaticreble, but not in the way some may think.The left's reaction that the shooter was a right-wing nut is understandable (even if there should not have been jumping to conclusions) because a democrat was shot, because Arizona has been a hotbed of right-wing craziness, and because in all fairness there's been plenty of violent rhetoric coming from the right. It was wrong, but wrong in a way where you can understand the mistake being made  and if one thinks of it rationally, a mistake that does not indicate evil intent.The right's reaction has been a kind of high-speed blame game, dodging, and festival of false equivalences. This is not the case of an understandble if terrible error  this is a case of desperate dissembling and publicity pushback. This is deliberate, even if some motivations are on a subconcious or semi-concious level.This was the high-profile shooting that the right wing has, down deep, feared would happen  it just turned out this time it was some poor lost soul. But I honestly believe for a moment, conciously or not, a lot of the right was afraid that this was it. Even now they're still dodging because it's brought the violent rehtoric to light.I also am sadly sure that the next time some right-wing nut takes a gun goes after the Tides foundation or some other Glen Beck/Palin target, they'll look at the conclusions jumped to in Arizona and try and justify the shooting.
--Angel Fri Apr 6 12:07:13 2012

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