Hey, it is the "Geek Millenium". Gone are the days when Miami Vice and Night Rider were cool - now, being smart is sexy. You don't need to have pecs or an ass you can bounce a quarter off of any longer. Just being smart and interesting will get you the girl (or boy). Look at Owen Wilson, Woody Allen, or even Freddy Prinze Jr. - all average guys but with a wit that makes them irresistable!
--Rhet Wed Feb 19 09:57:56 2003
I tell myself this everyday. :(
--Eric Wed Feb 19 11:10:45 2003
What Rhet says is true...more and more, women everywhere are embracing their inner geek fetish. I myself am never happier than when I occasionally take a detour from my theatre dept., and travel through one of my university's math or science buildings. The only trouble is convincing some guys that you don't in fact need help with your studies, nor do you want to borrow their calculator...but you would like a pen to give them your number :)
--One Such Gal Wed Feb 19 15:13:12 2003
Yup... the nerds have it, and the geeks are holding all the aces.

: P
--Wing and a prayer Thu Feb 20 06:24:59 2003

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