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Why do the Arabs focus on the Palestine issue ? 

Easy... because the land was recently taken by European immigrants at the point of a gun.

The Kurdish issue is a bit different.

It is just one of many 'ethnic state' desires throughout the world where a population does not see themselves 'belonging' to the modern nation where they happen to have landed. 

Issues like this will somehow need to be dealt with one way or another.

Tribalism sucks. It is a behavior inherited from our primate ancestors.

Unlike the other primates, humans have developed weapons capable of taking out most life forms on the planet.

We must either evolve beyond tribalism or we will die from it.
--bozo Sat Feb 22 11:08:10 2003
And it goes both ways... Maybe the "tribes" out there are forced into separatism by a tribalist and/or racist government who actively oppresses them. Perhaps we'd have that too if not for the Civil Rights movement (not counting, of course, USA 1861-1865). If the majority tribe is actively out to kill off the minority tribe, then the minority should definitely try to opt out. I'd like to think I would if I was in that unfortunate situation..

In a way, though, I disagree with your statement about the Kurds. Maybe they'd have their own state naturally had it not been for the same Western gun-point remapping that made Iraq?

Who knows how history may have been rewritten?

I suppose it doesn't matter now, though.

--Bill Aube Sat Feb 22 13:22:40 2003

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