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--Dayanara Wed Apr 27 17:48:26 2011
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Show after show Cher continues to look a mioilln dollars, as do her dancers! None of them ever look tacky, too much, too colourful or out of place beside her. The whole show is an absolute tribute to both Bob Mackie, Cher herself OF COURSE, to the make-up artists, the dancers and everyone and anyone who takes a part in making whatever Cher does an absolute success. We can't be in America, funds do not permit it, but Cher you are terrific and an inspiration to everyone out there including the up and coming youngsters who I am sure draw inspiration from your strength. Good luck with your new shows. Is there any chance at all that you may be bringing out a DVD of Caesars before Christmas. It would be lovely for the many thousands of people who simply cannot make the trip to Vegas to be able to receive it for a present from their loved ones. Jan  UKVA:F [1.9.15_1155]please wait...VA:F [1.9.15_1155](from 0 votes)
--Sanjna Fri Jul 6 19:30:59 2012
Let me know when you get in, Andy. I'm totally up for hiitntg Cafe Du Monde with you for beignets. Also, Central Grocery is cool  they invented the muffuletta sandwich there. And there are so many great restaurants in N'Orleans. I'm sure we can find many good places!-Kev
--Marcos Thu Nov 21 23:35:18 2013

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