meanwhile, back at the raunch...
wow, dear. that's um... enlightening. so glad you've decided to share this side of yourself with the world ;o)
--mo Tue Mar 11 09:51:16 2003
First, I think it is awesome that mo reads your site. My significant other is a photographer and I rarely get to see all his photos. Secondly - that was funny. I hate to say it - but internet porn gives good ole fashioned VHS a bad name. What ever happened to the tacky plot of the office secretary with no panties and the Boss with shirt on?? The internet removes all the cliche genre - the kitsch of it all. Who wants to look at real people - I'd rather have my porn in character!
--Rhetoric Tue Mar 11 10:56:33 2003
Oh, and, uh... Let me announce unequivocally that I'm sure Kirk was speaking *theoretically* when he said 4-6 inches!
--mo Tue Mar 11 11:48:21 2003
Well, of course he was speaking in general (not to offend Ranjit, maybe?). I mean, any guy so into Madonna would HAVE to be a freak with some crazy fetish (we already know about the tank tops - and if you notice most pics of Mo show her in a white tank top) and penis to keep The Material Girl happy.
--Rhetoric Tue Mar 11 22:22:16 2003

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