putting the whisk into whiskers
Hercubush ! 

Guess they'll be on the no-fly list soon.
--bozo Sun Mar 16 19:30:30 2003
At last, someone comes up with the "right" asenwr!
--Tessie Sun Dec 11 20:59:37 2011
. I could care less frankly about Mark Ellmore but that's the kind of stuff opoipitson loves to spin and it's such an obvious problem. It can easily be used to call into question his character or paint him as young and immature, and the fact that he's only 19 doesn't do much to help him in that department.  You go after those on the SB with college degrees' implying that a degree means nothing so excuse me for adding 1 and 1 and getting 2. I'm saying that I think you have missed the mark doesn't matter what the degree is in, it matters how that degree is used. Yeah, Liz has a degree and is an awful member, but Tina Hone has a JD and is a good member that challenges the system and fights for parents. What qualification has been met? That has yet to be explained to me and that's my biggest issue here. Everyone is coming after me for pointing out the OBVIOUS issue of inexperience and age, but no one is really telling me why I'm so wrong am I missing something here??Do you REALLY think parents are going to place the care of their own kids into the hands of another kid? Let's be intellectually honest here ..Additionally, Megan will be a tough opponent. Braddock is a lean dem district and given the fact that Bulova will be on the ballot, dem turnout will be a driving force in braddock. megan has a lot of experience and support from dems, inds, and republicans.
--Fuka Fri Jan 18 05:09:19 2013

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