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I'm wondering what kind of tech our guys have for urban fighting. After all the general public didn't really know anything about laser guided bombs until Gulf War I. When was the last time we had to take a city, WWII?
--Eric Fri Mar 28 16:33:33 2003
War in a heavily populated urban setting reduces it to the basics. Killing other people at close range.

Many Americans seem to feel that technology is the answer to everything. 

It is not. Humans are a flawed species with limited intellect. We are quite clever at using our opposing thumbs, but our left-over biological imperative to kill others of our species that we identify as different from our particular "tribe" has us set firmly on a path of destruction.

The real impact of this one-sided 'war' will be felt later on. 

About 70% of the worlds population now hates our guts. 

What goes round comes round.
--bozo Sat Mar 29 10:13:42 2003

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