Kirk - I am feeling your mix disks. Yet, I noticed a huge void in the "Ain't Nuthin but a G Thang Baby", "When I Think about you, I Touch Myself", "Come on Eilene" and "The Safety Dance" arenas. You simply can't have a credible 80's dance without the latter two. Even a little Elvis Costello or Michael singing Billie Jean would have helped to bring people to thier feet. Do you ever play the Desert Island CD game? You can only listen to 10 CD's the rest of your life (mix CD's don't count) - what would they be? You have to can't be something you ponder. What sounds could you not live without (musically, speaking)? By the way...
--Rhetoric Sun Mar 30 23:05:01 2003
ha, I've just noticed the 'comments' thingie...

I want a copy of your CD!! And the divinals song that Rhet mentioned, while is a classic, I'm not sure it fits in with the rest of the songs...
--deevaa Tue Apr 1 03:30:57 2003
The Like A Prayer cover = Bigod20.
--felis Wed Apr 9 17:39:59 2003

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