Think about the phrase for a moment...
"Pro-War Demonstration"

It says, Hey, I'm in favor of killing and destruction.

The mind reels.

-- go figure.
--bozo Thu Apr 3 09:30:30 2003
bozo - most excellent observation!
--rhetoric Thu Apr 3 10:44:54 2003
I think it is awsome about the picture it is sweet
--Jimmy Tue May 3 21:20:18 2005
well i think it is about time that someone observed the chickens coming home to roost on those missiles
--farquadious Wed Aug 30 15:03:34 2006
i think that the stament "the chikens are coming home to roost on the mx missle" is very true cuz as we all know the milk is in the fridge.
--tempest Wed Aug 30 19:06:10 2006
tempest - most excellent observation!
--rhetoric Wed Aug 30 19:34:50 2006
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--ogbdx ukzvhy Sun Jan 18 02:45:43 2009
--zpexEnPCt Tue Sep 15 05:42:25 2009
If American inflation and dollar depreciation contin- ues, they will soon shift to the competing devaluation, exchange controls, currency blocs, and economic warfare of the 1930s. ,
--Alex29 Sat Oct 10 11:54:20 2009
--jrgWWiGoLAEuDMT Mon Oct 12 11:18:37 2009
Certainly  not a hundred trillion. ,
--His_wife83 Tue Oct 13 01:52:09 2009
This is realy good and worth to read. ,
--Mark61 Thu Oct 22 01:58:43 2009
Agon Demjaha  Since the collapse of communism in the early 1990s, the countries of the Balkan  region have undergone a transition towards a market economy and a pluralistic democracy. ,
--Faggot16 Fri Oct 23 01:36:04 2009
--ASIJcLSmswZtR Mon Nov 16 10:47:23 2009
That's not just the best asnwer. It's the bestest answer!
--Jennica Wed Apr 27 15:43:52 2011
Gosh, I wish I would have had that ifonrmation earlier!
--Jhett Thu Jul 28 21:00:31 2011
i5KEa3 The Author is crazy..!
--oem software Sun Feb 12 02:33:21 2012

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