meaning of life, etc
Jennifer Mattern | Not weird at all. Clutter or a general lack of oroiaizntagn can throw a lot of people off. I'm like that with my desk too. I need it cleaned off to work productively. Doesn't mean I always clear it when I should. But I feel the pain if I don't. And oddly, since you mentioned the font thing it made me realize I have different fonts and page setups for different clients' projects. Never thought about it before. lol
--Dilan Sat Jul 7 08:50:33 2012
Jennifer Mattern | lol I don't think that would work well in our case. I'm a very methodical peackr. Everything is boxed and carefully labeled so boxes immediately go in the correct rooms when we move. My guy on the other hand is the type to get a few plastic bins, throw stuff in them, take them to the new house, dump them out somewhere, rinse, repeat. I think if I let him handle moving my things, I'd be twice as stressed when I got home.  We're also merging two households and introducing four kitties at the same time (that'll be fun). So I don't think I'd have the heart to put too much of it on him. At least we're moving close enough that the bit by bit approach could work. And I have family and friends around, so I'll beg and plead to get help when I need it. One friend already agreed to help out for a day with the smaller moves. And I have two strong brothers who are great for helping with the big stuff on an official moving day. That's the plan at least. I try not to get too attached to plans though. As soon as you do that, they have a tendency not to work out. Let's just call it hopeful optimism.
--Aeyers Sat Jul 7 12:07:32 2012

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