memoriam: 5307 days
Thanks, Kirk, for sharing the story about your dad. My father died the Saturday after Thanksgiving, 1997. I still miss him, and think about him almost every day.
--Harry Wed Apr 23 07:36:03 2003
That was simply awesome. Blessings.
--Wing and a prayer Wed Apr 23 09:16:12 2003
Kirk, this is really beautiful. I've heard most of it from you talking about your dad in the past, but I'm really glad you decided to share it with everyone. I really, really wish I could have known him. I can imagine, from a lot of your traits, how much fun he would have been.
--mo Wed Apr 23 11:09:40 2003
Moving confessions, Kirk. It's funny what we see as "the important stuff" after there are no more opportunities to make new memories. I wish you well.
--Rhetoric Wed Apr 23 11:26:46 2003
I've been attempting to compose an adequate comment to reflect how moved I am. My attempts have been awkward at best... simply put... I am quite moved, and certain your Dad would be exceptionally proud of you.
--Sarah Wed Apr 23 16:39:12 2003
when you write something like this, you leave a memorial, a tribute for father to your family. These are about the only things most families have of their ancestors when searching genealogy files unless they had a famous ancestor. What you wrote makes me appreciate your father and then you even more. Think about a family member finding your words a hundred years from now ..... Rennie
--rennie Thu Apr 24 12:22:35 2003

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