all too common wisdom
Yes, GWB and his handlers have studied the writings of Herr Goebbels quite thoroughly. They understand that if you tell a lie often enough and consistently enough, most of the people will believe it.

A good example is the WMD bullshit. From the start, the Bush regime had to know sooner or later they would be caught out in a very big lie.

Their options now:

1) Shine it on and people will forget.

2) Make up a story like "camels ate them".

3) Bring in some of your own chemicals and bury them. "Discover" them a few months later.

My guess is that #3 is the most probable course of action and pretty well explains why Bush doesn't want UN Inspectors around. 

After all, what other rationale could the US offer for keeping them out?

"Having Nukes means never having to say you're sorry"...
--bozo Sun May 4 09:10:17 2003

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