city of broken dreams and glass turned up some more examples:
"He lost his coat and his temper", and "hic illius arma, hic currus fuit."
(Don't ask me, I don't remember that much Latin!)

see also: syllepsis

P.S. awesome poem
--Flugzeugma Thu May 15 13:14:57 2003
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--ytivzfdlk vrtdmjpwu Sun Jan 18 02:00:32 2009
7BvHpF Great blog.Thanks Again. Really Cool.
--Adobe OEM Software Wed Mar 7 18:27:33 2012
Hi there! I am helping my sietsr start a sports blog. She hands down knows more about sports that most men. She worked for the NY Giants for 15 years. I came across this sketch and it is perfect for her profile pic (only thing that would be tetter is if she had a martini in one hand and a football in the other  LOL) may I use this image?
--Najwa Tue Apr 24 22:41:07 2012

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