vacation filler day 12 (backlog flush #31)
I would like to cmonemt that your website design lacks the savageness and poverty themes that we gringos commonly associate with Mexico. Without these stereotypic elements I refuse believe that you’re actually in Mexico. I suggest a picture of a shack or two, some wild chickens, some old car being pushed by a kid (preferably a brown kid) and the ever so famous and beloved “brown lady on the street holding a child in one hand and begging for money with the other.” Once you add these vital “Mexican elements” to your website it will go from being a simple “chingadera” to more elaborate “chingonada” in which case celebration will be in order. Farewell and remember to do the country of Mexico justice and represent all of its imperfections. Be “Fair and Balance”
--Mutingwa Sat Feb 11 08:51:50 2012
Duane, I really liked your Merry Christmas arctlie. I am so pleased that you learned the lessons your parents taught about treating people the way you would like to be treated. The message of love was one of the reasons Jesus came to live on Earth. He set a good example for us and we should try to abide by it. People are human and have feelings that go deep into the heart. Those who show love realize this so they understand what kindness is all about. Those who are continually rude do not understand love. Perhaps they feel so unloved themselves t hey can not return it. You are a kind and thoughtful person. I have watched you with your family. You give them love and they return it. You are a most fortunate person. Even if I were not your mother I would be extremely proud of you. You make me feel 10 feet tall.and grinning from ear to ear. Have a very merry Christmas. Lots of love to you all.  Mom
--Florence Fri Jul 13 04:17:15 2012

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